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Did You Know?Schisandra chinensis in Chinese methods five-flavored berry. The berries of the herb have an unusual taste, which is a mix of sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, and salty; hence the name.

Long famed for its high medicinal value, Schisandra chinensis is being utilized extensively in both conventional and modern-day Chinese medicine. This plant, which is basically a woody wine maturing to 9 m, has its origins in the wilds of Northern China and the Russian Far East. The fruits of the plant, commonly referred to as berries, are popular for their health advantages. It is the fruit that is utilized for different medicinal purposes.

Health Advantages

Controls Blood sugar level

Schisandra chinensis might be valuable in the treatment of diabetes as it helps in decreasing blood glucose levels. An animal research study reported in the edition of February 2011 of 'International Journal liposomal glutathione side effects of Molecular Sciences' observed that extracts of the fruit displayed significant hypoglycemic result in rats put on sucrose. Outcomes are motivating and additional research studies are needed to assess the effectiveness of the fruit extract in minimizing blood glucose.

Improves Vision

In countries like Russia, the herb is a popular eye-healthy food. In truth, it is signed up as a medication to deal with eye issues. Having extracts of Schisandra berries as recommended, is practical to enhance vision. The Schisandra berry tea is deemed to improve night vision and even expand the field of vision. So individuals with a poor night vision and those with near-sightedness might benefit from drinking this tea frequently.

Enhances Liver Health

Schisandra chinensis has a long history of use as a liver tonic. It promotes specific enzymes present in liver cells that are accountable for generating glutathione, an anti-oxidant. The herb basically increases the synthesis of glutathione, the liver's natural anti-oxidant. The anti-oxidant plays a key role in detoxifying the liver, which actually works in strengthening it. Animal research studies suggest that the herb might play a crucial role in enhancing the liver.

It is observed that a specific enzyme previously called SGPT increases when the liver is affected by hepatitis. In one research study, fruit extracts of the herb had the ability to lower concentrations of SGPT within the liver cells. No surprise, extracts of the fruit are utilized to treat liver disease, a condition marked by swelling of the liver.


Adaptogenic herbs like Schisandra chinensis are natural compounds that help change the body's response to various kinds of tension including emotional and physical. These herbs are typically described as anti-stress adaptogens as they assist in lowering the stress hormone cortisol. These herbs likewise display immune-boosting properties, which works to fight and ward off numerous illness. These herbs increase energy levels by improving resistance to tiredness. So, for general well-being, adaptogenic herbs like Schisandra chinensis are definitely an excellent option.

Sex drive Enhancer

Poor sex drive can be treated with this herb. Tea made from the berries of this plant is purportedly a sexual tonic. It is thought that the berry improves 'water (sexual fluids) of the genital areas', which works to raise sex drive.

Boosts Lung Function

Schisandra berries can also boost lung function as they are excellent sources of vitamin C and moreover, display powerful antioxidant activity. As we understand, vitamin C is crucial to protect and keep the lungs healthy. Not surprising that, Schisandra berry tea and syrup are considered lung tonics. The berries are also anti-inflammatory, suggesting taking it through tea can also assist treat inflammatory conditions of the respiratory tract such as asthma.

Promotes Better Sleep

Problem sleeping? Well, taking schisandra berry supplements can come to your rescue. The herb acts as a mild sedative. It produces a calming effect, which may assist to promote sleep.

Improves Psychological Acuity

According to Chinese medication, the herb is a brain-boosting food, which can boost cognitive capability. Berries of Schisandra chinensis might help promote psychological function. Due to their high antioxidant activity, they can secure the brain against free-radical damage, which might contribute in boosting psychological work capability. Research studies have actually also shown that the extracts of the fruit can improve mental focus by increasing concentration and attention span.

Enhances Skin Health

Using this herb is a natural method to improve the beauty of the skin. Considered an anti-aging herb due to its high antioxidant capability, use of the herb can work marvels to promote skin health. It can keep the skin safe from the destructive impacts of wind and UV radiation. It can likewise assist treat skin issues like acne or psoriasis.

Other Advantages

In the Asian culture, especially the Chinese, the herb is considered as a natural solution for movement illness, diarrhea, dysentery, eczema, rashes, trouble hearing, premenstrual syndrome, night sweats, wheezing, depression, and anxiety.

Utilizing Schisandra Chinensis

Tea made from the Schisandra berries is the most common method of utilizing the herb. It is said that to enjoy optimum advantages, taking the tea day-to-day for consecutively 100 days is advisable. Although dried berries of the herb are offered in the kind of powder and cast, one should not consume it directly. Rather, one can include these extracts in tea or any other energy drink. The herb is likewise offered through supplements and syrup, which need to be taken as instructed by your healthcare provider.

Adverse effects

Uterine Stimulant

Schisandra chinensis is a uterine stimulant, implying that it can bring about contractions in a woman's uterus, which can result in premature labor or miscarriage. Females are encouraged not to utilize the herb during pregnancy.

Stomach Disturbed

The herb can unsettle your stomach, particularly when it is taken in high doses. Care is encouraged when taking the herb and glutathione tablets side effects dose modification may be needed to minimize the signs of stomach upset. Apart from indigestion, the herb can cause reduction in appetite. Taking this herb can also exacerbate gastrointestinal issues such as heartburn.

Skin Issues

Schisandra chinensis, especially when consumed in excess, can cause skin rashes that may set off persistent itchy experience.

Drug Interactions

The herb can communicate with anticoagulants like warfarin, which can minimize the effectiveness of the drug. Those on warfarin are encouraged to prevent taking this herb.

Disclaimer: The info supplied in this post is solely for informing the reader. It is not meant to be an alternative to the suggestions of a qualified herbalist.